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Sri Lankan Cooking Videos

sri lankan cooking videos

    sri lankan
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Sri Lankan Skipper Kumar Sangakkara, A Proud Father of Twins

Sri Lankan Skipper  Kumar Sangakkara, A Proud Father of Twins

Sri Lankan Skipper Kumar Sangakkara scored another memorable double yesterday (30th June), when he became the proud father of twins.

Sangakkara’s wife Yehali gave birth to their first babies (twins) at a private hospital in Colombo yesterday. Yaheli gave birth to a baby girl and a baby boy.

The birth of his two babies came in just 04 days prior to his first Test match as Captain of Sri Lanka.

Incidentally it coincides with the birthday of SL cricketer Sanath Jayasooriya.
As the Captain of the renowned Sri Lanka team, Sangakkara has a busy schedule motivating and steering his team to meet the Pakistan team, the Twenty 20 champs of the recently concluded series at Lords in London.

On the 04th Sri Lanka team led by Sangakkara will meet the Pakistani team at Galle in the first test encounter.

Sri Lankan Leopard

Sri Lankan Leopard

Sri Lankan leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya, Sri Lanka Panter) @ Burgers Zoo Arnhem

sri lankan cooking videos

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