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Cooking Fish Smoker

cooking fish smoker

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Smoked Whitefish, Mackinaw, MI

Smoked Whitefish, Mackinaw, MI

We kept passing gift-shops with signs saying "Smoked Fish", even driving into the parking lot only to exit in anticipation of finding the actual smoke shop. Eventually in Mackinaw City, we would come across Krueger's, 24-years of smoking fish over sweet maple. We opted for a whole whitefish (consumed on the drive to Petoskey, I had to stop and take these photos before the fish was gone), a trout fillet and two chunks of salmon, all locally caught and freshly smoked.

Unlike fish "cooked to order", I never hesitate to order smoked fish, the results usually always pleasing and more indicative of the smoker's preferences and techniques rather than hitting that "window of perfection". I wish I could have results like this, Victoria says it'll only take 24-years.



Smoked this bird and baked another in the antique oven... yeah... I do windows too!
Not of intrest to many, unless you happen to be an avid outdoor chef..... notice the silver thing behind the coals.....
To get enough heat in the brinkman to do a turkey in the cold November weather, I cut a hole in the back and turbocharged the smoker (Tim The Tool Man Taylor would approve) by attaching a Mr Heater propane heater. This suplements the heat from the coals and allowed me to easily maintain 250-270 deg or more if needed for poultry. Wet pecan wood was still added to the coals to generate a delicate smoke. A tin plate can be bolted on when the Mr Heater is removed and less heat is needed for fish and such....worked great and was much less money than a new high tech smoker!

cooking fish smoker

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