Online Cooking Courses

online cooking courses

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My First Bundt Cake

My First Bundt Cake

I saw this heavy cast aluminum nonstick bundt cake flute with carrying case at Costco, and I suggested to Andy that we get it. He brought home a lemon cake mix. I made the cake mix and it rose beautifully in the bundt flute in the oven (the cake is moist and light).

For the frosting, a couple of funny things happened. I found a recipe online that called for 2 Tbs of lemon juice (we have Sicilia lemon juice from concentrate) and 1 cup of confectioners sugar. I learned from past experience not to try adding the lemon juice to the sugar, but to slowly add the sugar to the lemon juice while stirring constantly. That went fine, but I decided it needed some color, so I got out the food coloring.

Well, someone in our home put the yellow cap on the red food coloring. (If you've used food coloring, you know the yellow food coloring looks almost red anyway, so you it's an easy enough mistake.) When I realized I had added red color to the icing, I put in a bunch of yellow color, which of course, made orange. ;-)

But the color wasn't the worst part. When I drizzled it over the bundt cake (cooled), it just pooled at the bottom of the cake holder. I wonder why it did that. Does anyone know what I did wrong? What's the trick to getting your bundt cake frosting to stay on the cake?

The three berry amigos

The three berry amigos

Sweetest Flickr visitors friends, it's been a while...too long indeed, but some rather serious health issues have kept me away from spending much time online or shooting new images over the course of the summer (and this year in general). With the arrival of autumn (and recent surgery to hopefully help one problem), I'm hopeful that I'll be able to post more often and to better stay abreast of your own wonderful Flickr streams.

This photo (and the other food shots I've uploaded with it today) hails from a shoot that I did earlier this year (I have several others from the same day that I plan to upload over time - even though raspberries are my all-time favourite fruit, I don't want to bombard my stream with berry shot after scrumptious berry shot, and will inject other photos between them), which featured the delightful trio of red raspberries, yellow raspberries, and plump blackberries all captured in natural light.

I hope that the tranquility and softness of these harmonious shots extends to each of your lives this autumn, my dears!

online cooking courses

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