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Indian Cooking Terms

indian cooking terms

    indian cooking
  • Indian cuisine is characterized by the use of various spices, herbs and other vegetables, and sometimes fruits grown in India and also for the widespread practice of vegetarianism in Indian society. Each family of Indian cuisine includes a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques.

  • Give a descriptive name to; call by a specified name

  • footing: status with respect to the relations between people or groups; "on good terms with her in-laws"; "on a friendly footing"

  • (term) a word or expression used for some particular thing; "he learned many medical terms"

  • price: the amount of money needed to purchase something; "the price of gasoline"; "he got his new car on excellent terms"; "how much is the damage?"

Thami Woman Prepares Dinner, Eastern Nepal

Thami Woman Prepares Dinner, Eastern Nepal

I shot this image of a Nepali mother of 8 (7 daughters, the youngest 8th is the only son) preparing dinner in my homestay during a short ethnography. She lives in the rural village of Chaukati in the Dolakha district of central/eastern Nepal. There is no road access to the village, and only in the past 4 months has electricity arrived. Families, be they Brahman, Thami, or Kami, all still prepare their food, drink, work, talk, and sleep around a central fire pit cut into the floor of their homes (impressively constructed from cow dung, wood, slate, and mud).

When the road under construction reaches this small, medieval village in several months, lifestyle and culture will change. The village has no plan to control the influence of the outside world - in fact, they can't wait for the road to reach them. The road may connect them with better healthcare and a better education, but much will be lost as well. The masons, carpenters, metal smiths, and other self-sustaining processions will die out - forced out of business by cheap industrialized Indian goods and cheaper plastic Chinese ones. The centuries-old traditions, religions, and general life of Chaukati will, soon enough, fade. Connect this village to the world and the village won't be a self-sustained community - it'll turn into another dependent.

In many rural areas worldwide, women and children in particular suffer from "hut lung" - a collection of chronic respiratory/pulmonary diseases associated with high indoor exposure to concentrated particulate smoke (alternately, the long-term inhalation of vast quantities of acerbic woodsmoke). Such diseases include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and chronic bronchitis (CB), which increase susceptibility to the threat of tuberculosis (TB).

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Green Curry Thai Restaurant 4.0 G

Green Curry Thai Restaurant 4.0 G

Both were like nothing we had ever tasted before, but that we would most definitely order again. Also, worthy of note, particularly for vegetarians was an exquisite spicy vegetarian ‘duck’ salad, the vegetarian duck is made from wheat flour.

All dishes can customized in terms of their cooking method – from steaming to stir fried, and the curry can be paired with any variety of meat, seafood, and/or vegetables listed on the menu.

While the appetizers and salads may fill you up, the entrees at Green Curry are not to be missed, so leave room.

For the non-vegetarians out there the Keang Massaman made traditionally with sauteed meat with massaman curry paste, coconut milk, potato, onion and peanut, was out of this world.

We can only guess that the distinguishing factor was the homemade sauce.

Photo by Morgan Freeman.

indian cooking terms

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